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Order Delivery Information


When Will My Flower Reach?


Filiz Cicek is open flower shop between 08:30 - 19:00 on Sundays and Saturday between 10: 30-13: 00 and it is possible to deliver flowers within these hours. (In special cases, celebrations, weddings, etc., until 22:00 delivery can be made.)


Weekend order delivery times are limited to opening and closing hours of our company. There is no time limit for wedding, wedding, special invitation and event order shipments.


We may choose between 09:00 -14: 30 and 14:30 -18: 30 for delivery times in Nicosia on our website and we can deliver your order between these times. (Valentine's Day - Mother's Day, etc.)

We can choose between 14:30 - 18:30 for order delivery times in Kyrenia and deliver your order between these hours. The ordering time for Kyrenia region only ends at 14:00. However, you can create your order by setting a date on the calendar for one day or the other. (Valentine's Day - Mother's Day, etc.)


If you want your order to go within a certain time period except for special days, you can notify us by mail or phone.


Important: On special days (Teachers' Day, Valentine's Day and Mother's Day), we do not guarantee hour delivery for flowers. In order to avoid a negative situation that may arise from the delay, orders for special days must be made at least 1 day in advance.


Credit Card and EFT (Wire Transfer) Payment Option


In "Payment by Credit Card" option, all domestic and international credit cards are valid. If you wish, you can pay with the 3D Security system for high security or make your normal payment with your credit card.


If you prefer to pay your order by EFT-Wire Transfer, please send the bank payment receipt to our e-mail address after depositing the total fee specified in one of our 2 account numbers in the "Bank Account Information" section. For wire transfer-EFT orders, your order is prepared or accepted with the reflection of the order amount in our bank accounts. Orders that are not paid until 2 hours after the creation of the order and whose receipt is not sent to our e-mail address are automatically canceled by the system.

You can also pay with your credit card in Euro, British Pound and US Dollar currencies alongside Turkish Lira on our website. You can start the payment process by selecting the desired currency in the upper right corner of our website ...


Information about service charge ...


Nicosia central services are 5 TL, Kyrenia central services are 25 TL. d. The fees are automatically reflected to the amount you will pay by the system and you can see this as the shipping cost in the order form details. For the areas which are more than 7 km away from Nicosia or Kyrenia district center, different road charges are added to the order price and you can see this when you reach the payment page on the right side of the screen.


How do I know that my order has been delivered?


After the delivery of your order, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from your system. In addition, after you complete your order, the order confirmation number will be sent to your e-mail address you have written on the form pages. When you enter your order number by clicking on the car icon in the upper right corner of our website, you can find out both your order summary and the order in which your order is at. If you have registered your mobile phone in the order form, you can also be notified by SMS.


If the recipient is not present, how is the flower delivered?


When you go to the address of the recipient to deliver your flower order is not in place before the receiver and sender is called by phone is delivered according to their directions. If the recipient or the sender cannot be reached; neighbor or site security. the Company; reception, security or colleagues. Hospitals; reception or hospital staff. After your flower is delivered you will be informed about your order.


Can I change the date, note, or address for my flowers?


Before your flower is prepared, you can change the note, date and address of our company by calling 0 (392) 227 60 30. You can change the delivery date of your flower to other dates other than special days. These conditions only apply if the product has not been prepared.       

Are your products prepared like the one on your website?


Most of the products you see on our website are prepared by our company and photos are added to the website, but seasonal incompatibilities, lack of order products in our stocks, end of work, special days and so on. In the case of the same value equivalent or more valuable without warning, the design and customs are made by remaining faithful. 90% of the products you see on our website are our own design products.

Privacy Statement


If you want your name to remain confidential on the order form and note paper, you agree to these terms.


If the buyer does not accept the flower due to the lack of your name on the flower message card and order form, your flower will come back to our store. You will be notified by e-mail or telephone. Within 3 days you need to buy your flower from our store. Otherwise, your right to send flowers will expire at the end of 3 days. Refund is absolutely not possible.


After placing the order, your personal information is kept confidential by us, even if the recipient wants to learn it. It is entirely the responsibility of the recipient to refuse to accept the flower because your name is confidential.


Your credit card information is not recorded by us. Your information is sent directly to the bank at the time of the order and the bank approval is considered.


The membership information and personal information you provide to filizcicek.com will not be disclosed to other members and third parties, except with your consent, except as described in the User Agreement. However, this information may be used within filizcicek.com website to determine customer profile and conduct statistical studies.


All the information you enter into the system, except filizcicek.com only you can access and only you can change them. It is not possible for another member or User to access or change information about you.


You do not have to fill in or mark these fields if there is any information you will not choose to provide to filizcicek.com from the personal information requested during registration.

These principles and your personal rights are guaranteed by www.filizcicek.com.



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