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Bank account information



Account Name: Filiz ERKOÇ

Name of the Branch: Nicosia Branch (Branch Code: 493)

Account No: 6698010

TL IBAN: TR0200 0620 0049 3000 0669 8010





Account Name: Filiz Avcı Erkoç - Filiz Çiçek

Branch Name: Taşkınköy / TRNC Branch (Branch Code: 1670)

Account No: 1670 - 54708539 - 5007

TL IBAN: TR4500 0100 1670 5470 8539 5007



Credit Card or EFT (Wire Transfer) Payment Option



In "Payment by Credit Card" option, all domestic and international credit cards are valid. If you wish, you can pay with the 3D Security system for high security or make your normal payment with your credit card.

If you prefer to make your payment by EFT-Wire Transfer, please send the bank payment receipt to our e-mail address after depositing the total fee specified in one of our 2 account numbers in the "Bank Account Information" section. For wire transfer-EFT orders, your order is prepared or accepted with the reflection of the order amount in our bank accounts. Orders that are not paid until 2 hours after the creation of the order and whose receipt is not sent to our e-mail address are automatically canceled by the system.

You can also pay with your credit card in Euro, British Pound and US Dollar currencies alongside Turkish Lira on our website. You can start the payment process by selecting the desired currency in the upper right corner of our website ...


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