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Monstera Delicios - Camel Base (With Ceramic Pot - 130 cm)

84,00 € +Vat.
Price incl. VAT :   98,04 €
Product Code :   11090

Monstera Delicios - Camel Base (With Ceramic Pot - 130 cm) ; Heart-leaved Camel sole is one of the most common plants in homes. It is a decorative plant with large, showy and shiny leaves. However, it has become an extremely flashy alternative for those who like to grow plants in their homes. The water of the camel sole plant should not be too cold. If you water using very cold water, your tropical plant will be damaged. It is recommended not to use the water that you fill directly from the fountain during irrigation, but to use lime-free water that has been rested for a while.

  • In very hot summer days, irrigation can be done every day, but water should be given by controlling the soil moisture in the winter season. If sufficient humidity cannot be provided in the summer months, the leaves can be watered with a spray.

  • You can switch to a rest period by watering your plant less when the cold weather is felt well, such as November, December and January.

  • The camel base should be located in a semi-shaded place inside the house. Since it will tend towards the sunlight, it can be tried to ensure an equal growth by constantly turning the direction of the pot. It is not recommended to take direct sun. It should be protected from the hot sun, especially at noon.

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